About EFH Broadband

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EFHBroadband.com is a UK broadband provider which is now part of 186k Limited.

186k was the telecoms subsidiary of the Lattice Group, a FTSE 100 company demerged from BGgroup. Lattice invested approx. £1/2bn in establishing a state of the art optical fibre network and data centres throughout the UK.

At the end of 2002 the National Grid merger with Transco forced the disposal of 186k. Part of the assets went to Hutchison 3G and part of the assets remained with 186k.

186k was subsequently acquired by Dominic Marrocco, a highly successful Internet entrepreneur, in October 2004.
Dominic has already put in place a forward thinking business strategy, which aims to establish 186k as the IP partner of choice within the UK market.

Since Dominic purchased 186k in 2004 it has grown exponentially and gone from strength to strength, with many acquisitions being completed over the past years including Mailbox, NetServices DSL base, IP Support, Elite Internet and many more, 186k now boasts a strong customer base and loyal partners.

186k has continued to grow EFH Broadband through building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, and always aim to be accessible and upfront - we believe it is best to talk.
This is in contrast to other large broadband ISPs where contacting them can be a frustrating experience. Excellent support coupled with competitive products and pricing means EFH Broadband is the broadband supplier of choice.

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